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Bethany Wheeler


My Background

In 2012 God drug me kicking and screaming to Carlisle, PA. After graduating with my BA in Social Work in 2009 I had moved to Chicago to pursue my Masters in Social Work. I worked with Juvenile Delinquents there, after obtaining my degree, and volunteered in my free time with Inner City Impact, an organization that shares Christ with at-risk children and youth. I loved everything about city life and the organizations I was working for. But, as is often the case, God had other plans. And, as is always the case, His plans are so much better than mine. While the culture shock of working in Perry County vs. Chicago was intense, to say the least, God brought me exactly where I needed to be.

As a lifetime pastors kid, I had submitted my life to Christ at an early age; however my faith really didnt become my own until high school. As I grew in my faith and my involvement in the church, somewhere along the lines I began making my faith about what I was doing rather than Who I was doing it for. When I moved to Chicago and struggled to connect at a home church, I found myself in a very empty place spiritually. I had forgotten that being a follower in Christ wasnt really about works and service and to-do lists, but that it was about my relationship with Christ and knowing Him more.

It was there, in that dry spiritual desert, that God uprooted my life and brought me to the one place I never wanted to live Carlisle, PA. (Though I like to try to blame my family for forcing me out here ) God used Resonate like a splash of cold water to my face, waking me up spiritually and quenching the thirst of my soul not by doing a bunch of good things that made me feel like a good Christian but by savoring the Living Water: Jesus.

A Note from Bethany

My passion now is to know and savor Jesus more and to help others do the same – especially youth! I currently work as a Social Worker with adolescents involved in Juvenile Probation or Child and Family Services. I am also super excited to be working with Amplified, Resonate’s youth group. My prayer is that God uses me to help lead others to know Jesus more and refresh our thirsty souls in Him alone.

What is your favorite food?

Chicago style hotdogs and deep dish pizza, of course.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Time travel.

What is your favorite thing about Carlisle?

Yeah, yeah, yeah Carlisle turned out to be ok after all. But I most love living near my nieces and nephew!

What is your favorite passage of Scripture?

I love the account of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3 and their declaration that, though our God does not always save us from the fiery furnaces of life, He is still a good God and we will still serve Him.

What is your favorite hobby?

Im a run-aholic, for sure! My goal is to some day run a marathon.

How many countries have you visited?

Ive been to South Africa, China, Japan, Aruba, and I spent 6 hours in London, England!