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Holly Tritt


I’ve known God my whole life, but I didn’t truly experience His love and mercy until my late teenage years. After some seriously painful stumbling through life in middle and high school, the solid Biblical foundation my parents taught to me when I was young was like a beacon in the night as I was finishing 12th grade. God was jealous for my life and I finally fully gave in. Later, just a few weeks after high school graduation, I took my first leap of faith. I boarded a plane heading to Romania on a mission trip with a dozen people I barely knew eager to serve the Lord. There, we helped build an addition on a church, served people in the community, did maintenance at a Christian camp and spent a lot of time with God working out my faith. Today, God still brings to mind memories from that trip to teach me new things.

Shortly after I got home from Romania I was off to college in Philadelphia. There, He challenged me and showed me new things about what it meant to follow Him through small groups and discipleship from women who were older than me who I looked up to. God also blessed me by providing my husband, Isaac, to me during this time. He kept me grounded in my school work and kept me laughing during stressful times. We were part of a great church in Philly which is where we really started to learn what it meant to be part of a community of believers.

We moved home to Carlisle after I graduated college in 2011. In God’s perfect timing and through His holy ways, we finally settled into a new community of believers here at Resonate in 2015. We were immediately encouraged and excited about what God was doing here from the first time we visited. I’m blessed to be part of Resonate and desire to see us all grow deeper in God by taking in His Word and leaning on one another.

A few things about me: my husband is my best friend, we have 3 perfect children in heaven, I love to be in the mountains, I'd rather read a book than watch a movie, I enjoy doing yoga, and we have chickens, turkeys, occasionally ducks, 2 dogs and 2 cats.