Our Beliefs

What we believe

Our Truth

We believe the Bible to be propositional truth given to us by God. While originally given in a specific culture and time, because of its nature as truth, it is uniquely trans-cultural and timeless.

Because its source is God, we believe that it is without error, that God chose the very words and grammatical structures recorded in the original copies of His revelation and has preserved them without error even into our day and age.

We believe that the Bible is God’s source of wisdom for us today, providing us with an accurate picture of Himself and His plan. It is all we need to live our lives successfully for Him and impact our culture with the goodness and grace and truth of God.

Our God: We believe our God is the creator God, timeless, powerful and perfect yet personal in His dealings with those He has created. He maintains perfect control over every aspect of creation which He brought into being by His word in six literal days. While being One, He has displayed Himself as a tri-unity of persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; each being fully God and all being One God.

Our Sovereign Father

We believe that within the perfectly equal relationship of God in His three persons, the name Father is used to designate God’s role as the one who with perfect and free sovereignty has planned for all that is, has been and is to come.

We believe that the Father has a great love for His creation and all it contains. Within His sovereign plan He has chosen to deliver specific individuals of His free choice to be the beneficiary of His unique, boundless and perfect love.

Our Deliverer

We believe that Jesus Christ, the second of the tri-unity that is God, willingly wrapped himself in skin and flesh, becoming a genuine human being without compromising His God-ness in any way. He did this so that he could live an exemplary life on this world and then willingly die for us.

We believe that when Jesus died as the God-Man, He acted as a sacrifice and a substitution for all who would believe in Him. His death satisfied God’s justice against sin for all who would believe in what He did on our behalf.

After His literal, physical death, we believe that Jesus was raised back to life by the power of God demonstrating His position as the Savior of those who would believe in Him. Jesus then returned to heaven, the victorious Savior of those who believe and continues to this day to support, intervene for, pray for and stand for all those who believe in Him for their deliverance.

We believe that one day Jesus will return to this planet physically, bringing an end to sin, corruption and evil and restore on this earth the perfect rule of God for those who believe in Him.

Our Empowering Spirit

We believe the third person of the tri-unity of God is the Spirit of God who is sent to live in those who believe in Jesus Christ as their deliverer from sin. The Spirit of God gives to us a brand new life and empowers us to live this new life victoriously.

We believe the Spirit of God gives to each believer a set of gifts and abilities that enable them to contribute to the life of the congregation of believers. The Spirit of God will never leave us and acts as our identification, proof that we indeed belong to Jesus Christ our deliverer.

Our Sinful Condition

When God created this world, He put the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, into a perfect setting, known as the Garden of Eden. These two violated the one and only rule God gave them and thus became the first ‘sinners’, passing on to all their offspring a condition of sinfulness engrained in the very fabric of their being.

As a result, when God looks upon us, He sees not only the sin we committed, but also this enduring stain of sin which has tainted our mind, emotion, will, and body. It is this deeply etched stain that we are unable to cleanse from ourselves. While we may be able to do certain good things, we are unable to clean ourselves from this engrained sin and are thus caught in a hopeless condition of guilt before God.

Our Deliverance

God designed a way to remove the stain of sin and deliver us from our helpless and hopeless condition. He Himself, the God-Man, came to earth wrapped in skin and flesh to be our Deliverer. He lived a perfect life, fulfilling every law of God and then willingly died in our place.

Our deliverance is a gift from God, given to us because of God’s undeserved goodness and mercy to us. Because we cannot clean ourselves from our sinful condition, God asks us to accept by faith, the death of Jesus Christ on the cross as the payment for our sinfulness and engrained sinful condition.

When we accept the payment Jesus made on the cross, God applies the perfect life of Christ to our lives, cleansing us of our sin, and placing us in a new position before Him as one of his children. We can with confidence say that we have been ‘saved’ from our sins through our deliverer Jesus Christ and live the new, true life He gives. This new life must become our supreme delight, our fulfilling satisfaction, and our one and only treasure. Only when we are fully captured and motivated by this one great passion can we truly say that we have become a child of God.

Our Security

We believe that because our deliverance is accomplished by God Himself for us, we are secure in His work. We did not accomplish our own ‘salvation’, but He has saved us. Therefore, we can be secure in the fact that He will be true to His promises, leading us through the remainder of our lives, changing us and growing us and ultimately taking us safely home to spend the rest of eternity with Him.

Our Responsibility

We believe that while our deliverance is a work of God alone, our response to His deliverance should be a commitment to live our lives passionately for Him alone. This is best summed up in the following five ways. We are called to see Jesus; to be daily fixing our eyes on our beautiful Savior. We are called to savor Jesus; to find in Him alone the great delight and satisfaction of our souls. We are called to submit to Jesus; to obey His commands and desires as our loving response to His deliverance. We are called to serve Jesus; to give of our lives in serving others as we follow His example. We are called to seek others to bring to Jesus; to find others whom we can lead to Jesus, the living bread and water.

We believe that through the course of our lives, our thoughts, actions, desires and pleasures will change to reflect the transformation that God has brought about in our lives. Part of this transformation is manifested in our relationships with others around us as we seek to live authentically, intimately and lovingly with those whom God has placed around us on the journey of life.

We believe that we should honor, pray for, and when it does not conflict with the clear teaching of the Bible, obey the authorities over us. This applies even in an age or context when we disagree with the fundamental precepts of that ruling authority. We also believe that as human beings we have been given a mandate from God to protect and care for the world that we now live in.

Our New Family

We believe that all those who Jesus Christ has delivered from sin, and only those, are a part of the believing community called the church. God views this community as a precious group of people, calling them His Bride and His Body. Around the world there are innumerable, smaller communities of believers we call the local church. These groups, while independent, are unified under our mutual Deliverer, Jesus Christ.

We believe that the church owes its allegiance to God alone. While there will be times we work with other local bodies of believers, we are responsible to conduct ourselves in obedience to God alone and to no other governing authority.

As a community of those delivered, we believe in having regular times of worship together, regularly remembering our Savior’s death for us through communion. We will also working together to make known to others around us the greatness and beauty of our Deliverer and His deliverance.

Our Enemy

We believe that Satan and his cohorts, the Demons, are real beings, who were once angels but rebelled against God. They are now passionately committed in their opposition and rebellion to God, His plan and His people. Satan and the demons are active in seeking to discourage, tempt, oppose, frustrate and even harm those who live in obedience to God. As with all sin, Satan and the demons will be judged and spend eternity in hell, separated from God and all His goodness.

Our Future

We believe that Jesus Christ will one day physically return to this planet, gathering to Himself all those who have placed their faith and hope in Him. He will then bring a period of judgment upon this world that will fulfill His promise to destroy sin. He will reign physically upon this world, judging all who have ever lived, and ultimately bring an end to sin, sinfulness and Satan.

Those who have rejected the deliverance Jesus offers will spend eternity separate from Him, in a state of wretched, painful, suffering and judgment. Those who have by faith accepted the message of deliverance found in Christ Jesus alone as their joy, delight and treasure, will spend eternity in intimate relationship with God. These will enjoy the incomprehensible delight of what it means to live in the presence of God forever.