Our Heartbeat

Our mission statement

Resonate Community Church (RC2) Exists To Make Much Of Jesus Christ By Leading Others To The Delight And Satisfaction Of True Life In Him.

RC2 exists to make much of Jesus Christ...

This world is full of people, ideas, places, events, things, activities…so many enemies that battle for our attention.  We believe that Jesus Christ alone deserves our complete heart, mind, soul and strength. As a result, we believe that our purpose on earth is to work at cutting through all the noise of this world so that the truth and grace of Jesus Christ might be widely known. When we give ourselves to pursuing Him and find Him to be our greatest treasure, we demonstrate that He is the supreme value of life. We believe that this is what it means to make much of Jesus Christ.

…by leading others to the delight and satisfaction…

We naturally love what we find beautiful but there are a million things that fight for our attention.  Most of us are blinded to the fact that the God of the Bible is the only truly fulfilling beauty that exists. We are called to find our soul’s delight and satisfaction in Him alone. Naturally then, we should want to share what we have found with others so that they too might see this beauty and be captured by it. Each of us longs to be fulfilled and content at the very core of our being and therefore we search for what will satisfy that hunger within us.  While there are things on this earth that bring a sense of joy, we want to make known the truth that only our God can ultimately and perfectly satisfy the deepest longing of our hearts.

…of true life in Him.

We may think we know what ‘the good life’ is and how to get it, yet we all still struggle with emptiness, guilt, addictions, loneliness, broken relationships and a host of other heartaches. Unless we understand what Jesus offers, we will never know how gratifying living can be when founded on Him. Christ came to set us free from bondage to ourselves to live a life rich in hope, peace and fulfilling joy in the face of the pains of this life. Maybe one reason that so many people have turned a deaf ear to Jesus Christ and all He offers is that we followers of Jesus live in mediocrity; we don’t live in a way that demonstrates that we’ve found this truly satisfying life. We want to practice the joy of knowing this life ourselves and then take the message of His true life to others.