Our Name

The meaning of resonate

If you were to look up the word resonate in the dictionary you’d find a definition that says something like ‘to be resonant; resound, to produce resonance…’ Naturally then the question becomes, What does resonant and resound mean?

These words have to do with sound, echoing a sound and intensifying it. We were taught in Junior High that sounds are made by vibrations. So, take your vocal chords as an example. When we speak or sing, these little things are vibrating and depending on the intensity of the vibration and the length of those little hummers, the sound is either high or low, loud or quiet. God also gave us hollow parts in our bodies. As long as you don’t have allergies or hay fever, your sinus cavities are hollow places in your head (some people seem to have more of these hollow places…know what I mean?) where those vibrations bounce around and get louder…your sinus’ resonate. Another example is a guitar. Take your basic electric guitar. If you pluck the strings they’ll vibrate and you’ll be able to hear the sound, it’s just not very loud. So, if you don’t have that bad boy plugged into an amp, you can play like Jimi Hendrix and no one is going listen because they won’t be able to hear you. Now, if you take an acoustic guitar you’ll find that it has a big ole’ hollow body. The strings pass over a hole and when you strum the strings, those same vibrations get transferred from the strings to the soundboard (the face of a guitar with the hole in it) and the whole body of the guitar all starts to vibrate. All this vibration is amplified down inside the body of the guitar and WHAM…out comes some smokin’ tunes. The body of the guitar vibrates and acts as a resonating chamber.

Why we're called Resonate

You see, the point is that the hollow body of the guitar doesn’t create sound. It just sits there. The strings create the sound and the body of the guitar allows those vibrations to resonate and amplify and echo and some great sounds can be produced. The same is to be true of us. Jesus Christ acts as the strings. We’re to be the hollow body of the guitar. We’re to resonate the music that HE is playing, after all, we don’t make the sound. He makes the sound and as it gets down inside of us and fills us so we can then echo the sound and allow it to amplify so that the world around us can hear the message of the true life that Jesus Christ offers us.

An interesting aspect of guitar construction is that all different kinds of woods, inlays and designs are used in making guitars. I remember several years ago seeing several amazing Martin inlay guitars on display. One had a dragon inlayed on it and was totally awesome…so was the price tag! Some guitars use light wood, others dark, some have a plastic back and wood top, some have one big round hole and others have smaller fancy f-shaped sound holes. But all guitars, whether made of maple or koa from Hawaii, can be tuned and play beautiful music. There will be a difference in the ‘voice’, a different tone and texture of sound, but all will produce the music. So too at Resonate. We each are different and we encourage differences, but when tuned to Christ we will all make the same music that Christ is playing in and through us.

Making it personal

I could go on and on with this illustration to demonstrate what we are about here at Resonate. After all, the strings are the most important part of a guitar, as Christ is the most important part of our lives. The body of the guitar must be properly aligned to the strings so that the vibrations enter the body of the guitar and so to, we must be properly aligned with Christ in order to make any sound at all. As the strings are stretched across the body of the guitar and up to the neck, tremendous strain is put on the body of the guitar and the same is true of us. Living for Christ and becoming an effective resonating chamber for His music puts demands on us, but without the tension there is no music. If the guitar body is stuffed with things that don’t belong there, the music dies and the same is true for us. When we allow anything at all but Christ to fill us, the beautiful message of God’s magnificent beauty and satisfying goodness is lost in our lives.

So there you have it…Resonate. We invite you to come, learn to resonate and see what God can do when we resonate HIM to the world around us.