Our Strategy

Public, House to House, Person to Person

This is where the rubber really meets the road. We know what we desire to see in a local church, but how will we go about developing a plan to achieve it? One thing we deeply hold to is the strategy that ‘less is more’. Most churches have activity calendars that make one cringe, yet when we turn to the book of Acts we find a much simpler structure to the local church. Two different times it is mentioned that the teaching activities took place in public and in ‘house to house’ settings. (Acts 5:42; 20:20) We also find lots of one-on-one interaction taking place in scriptures, such as when Priscilla and Acquila took Apollos aside to teach him more accurately the way of God. (Acts 18:26).

We believe that we will be able to achieve our goals (and ultimately God’s goal for the local church) with a three pronged strategy. We believe that each of these three spheres of ministry is absolutely crucial if we are to grow into a mature disciple of Christ. We would expect each member of our fellowship to be involved in each of the three following areas:

Public Ministry

We plan on having a weekly service in which we focus on two things, Worshipping together and Learning together.  When that will happen, we’re not really concerned about. As our culture changes, providing unique opportunities for public ministry may be an effective means of reaching people who otherwise might not get up on a Sunday morning to ‘go to church’. We also desire to raise up a generation of young people who know the Word of God and are an integral part of the body. Therefore, we will have ministries for younger children, but we will seek to bring them into the body in a meaningful way while they are still young.

House to House

Community Groups were the basic structure of the early church.  We believe that they should be the foundational structure of our church as well.  These groups will meet at various times through the week, whatever is convenient for the group as a whole.  They will not be viewed as ‘Bible Studies’ but will rather be focused on the ABC’s of body life: A – Application and Prayer B – Building Relationship and Encouragement C – Care and Accountability We recognize that there will be times when specialized teaching is necessary for a variety of reasons.  There will come times when we offer special Bible Studies, Topical Studies and Training Opportunities.

Person to Person

‘One another…’  What a great phrase found throughout the Scriptures. A quick search of that phrase reveals that we are to be actively engaged in each other’s lives.  Look at the following list of verbs associated with the phrase ‘one another’:

  • Love
  • Welcoming
  • Showing Harmony
  • Forgiving
  • Admonishing
  • Being Kind
  • Caring
  • Showing Honor
  • Encourage
  • Pray for

Now that’s an impressive list isn’t it? This is what we need to be about in purposeful, one on one relationship with one another. It’s not just good friendship, it’s scripture commanded!