Our Values

We value...

Excellence in Teaching

  • We value teaching that focus’ on the perfect, beautiful and sovereign character of God as revealed in the Bible.
  • We value teaching that enables others to clearly see the treasure that is Jesus.
  • We value the clear, consistent and relevant teaching of the Bible because it is God’s authoritative Word.
  • We value a personal worldview that is consistent with the character of God and serves as the foundation of our thinking.

Passion in Worship

  • We value dynamic and relevant worship that elevates the beautiful character of our perfect, just and loving God.
  • We value worship that turns our eyes toward heaven and away from ourselves.
  • We value worship that engages the individual physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
  • We value the worship of faithful day to day living that demonstrates Christ’s life in us.

Authenticity in Relationships

  • We value other believers as our brothers and sisters in the journey of life.
  • We value honest, authentic and intimate relationships with others around us.
  • We value the confession and accountability that comes with authenticity in relationships.
  • We value personal growth in the image of Christ that results from authentic relationships.

Intensity in Obedience

  • We value the submission of all believers to the rule of Christ in our lives.
  • We value diligent obedience to God’s clear commands, implied principles and useful examples.
  • We value thoughtful obedience that translates the words of scripture to relevant behavior in our culture and society.
  • We value encouragement and compassion in assisting one another to living faithfully for Christ.

Humility in Service

  • We value each individual as a significant and active servant in the body of Christ.
  • We value meeting the needs of others around us in whatever way God has uniquely qualified us to serve.
  • We value giving of our surplus to care for the needs of those both in and outside of the body of believers.
  • We value a life of serving as a reflection of Christ’s loving sacrifice for us.

Enthusiasm in Outreach

  • We value the joy of knowing Christ as our treasure which drives us to share this truth with others.
  • We value the growth of Christ’s church as each believer is used by God to bring others to see Jesus and hear the message of true life in Him.
  • We value reflecting the character of God in the way we live our daily lives, considering our actions as the reflection of our beliefs.
  • We value the planting of new churches to spread the truth of Christ.