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Sundays - 9am - 11am

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What to expect

We do things a bit different here at Resonate. We gather at 9am and start out with about a half an hour of worship. We’ll sing, pray and read scripture, all with a focus on God and giving Him our full and complete attention as a family. This is followed by a 20 minute break designed to allow time to get to know each other a little better, get a quick snack and some coffee. After this the kids head off to their teaching time, toddlers and infants are welcomed in the nursery and the rest of us gather for the teaching time. At the end of our teaching time, the floor is always opened for questions, comments and thoughts that have been generated by the teaching time. We are usually done around 11am and head out the door following a prayer and blessing.

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Our space

We currently meet in the gym of the Stuart Community Center located at 415 Franklin Street in Carlisle’s northwest side. We have ample seating and room to grow!

Current series:
Growing to Maturity