The truth of Jesus has not grown to maturity in us until it bears the fruit of reaching out to others through us. Following Jesus means that we are actively engaged, both personally and corporately, in seeking others who are far from Jesus and bringing them to see Him face to face.

Throughout the Bible, it is made abundantly clear that God is the one who pursues us! From the Garden of Eden when God came looking for Adam and Eve, to the Christmas story when Jesus took on a human existence, God seeks us! In our age, the Spirit of God is at work in the hearts of people all around us, calling them to turn away from life as most people live and turn to Jesus, the truth of God. Most of the time we don’t even know the Spirit is at work until we look back and realize that it was God pursuing us, long before we responded to Him by putting our faith completely in Him alone.

With this in mind, we take great courage in working along side what God is already doing. We too will make it a goal to reach out to those who we believe are far from God whether in our community, other parts of our nation or various nations of this world. Our responsibility is to help others to see the truth of our spiritual condition and the wonder of Jesus’ forgiveness that He accomplished on the cross.

Our outreach focuses


At Resonate we value reaching out to our brothers and sisters around the globe. Our support is focused on supporting one missionary family.

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Individuals reaching those whom God has put uniquely in our sphere of relationship.

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In Our Community

It’s important to us that those we live with in Carlisle know we care about them. Resonate hosts annual events that are free and fun in order to introduce ourselves to our community and show them the love of Jesus.

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Meet Ricky and Tiffany Diaz from Inner City Impact in the Chicago area.

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