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Loving our neighbors

Why do we do this?

In John 1:45-46 we read the story of a man named Philip who had come face to face with Jesus. There was something about Jesus that ignited a hopeful faith in his heart and his first reaction was to search out his brother Nathaniel and tell him about Jesus. While Nathaniel was skeptical and wondered “…can anything good come out of Nazareth?”, Philip’s response was simply “…come and see.”

This is exactly what we want to accomplish at Resonate. God has put you in the midst of relationships with people that we could never engage. He has YOU in YOUR mission field! What does He expect? Only that we bring others to see Him. We firmly believe that when people come to see Jesus, they begin to savor Him and as they fall in love with Jesus, the Spirit of God will draw them to Submit to Jesus. (You can read more about this under the 5 S’s)

How do we do this?

The fact is, we are each responsible to pursuing those in our own unique sphere of influence. We encourage this with our PI2 cards. We borrowed this from another church with permission, but it means to Pray, Invest and Invite. On the back of each card (see below) is a place to make a note of the specific individuals you will commit to Pray for, Invest in their lives and eventually Invite to Church.