Serving Opportunities

Set up/Tear Down

Time Commitment: 2 Hours per Sunday morning starting at 7am for teams of 3 for set up. 4-5 people could tear down in 45 minutes.


Coffee is made every Sunday at 8am and is done by 9am for start of the service. After church clean coffee up and put cold food items in the fridge.

Worship Team

Time Commitment: Worship team’s commitment is practice at 7:30AM on Sundays to the end of service. Come to practice Sunday morning ready to play the songs that have been chosen. If you have questions ahead of time about a song feel free to ask. Perfection is not expected. Worship is not about the performance in itself, but adequate music experience is required so the music won’t be distracting to the congregation to the point that they can’t focus on worship. Let Isaac know how often you are willing/able to play and he will try and work that into the schedule.


Time commitment: Depending on the number of volunteers the it could be 1-2 times per month. Be at church Sunday morning at 7:30am on Sundays for practice. Learn the soundboard and how to blend the worship team to sound well. Record the sermon.

Running Powerpoint

Time commitment: Depending on the number of volunteers the it could be 1-2 times per month. Be at church Sunday morning at 7:30am on Sundays for practice. Ensure that the powerpoint matches the order the songs are practiced in and then run the powerpoint during the worship service.

Communion Prep

The last Sunday of every month a person is needed to ensure that the communion supplies are prepared for Sunday morning. Either purchase or let us know if supplies are needed ahead of time.

Offering Counters

Time commitment is roughly one Sunday a month. After church connect with the others who are on the counting schedule, carry the offering box upstairs to the room behind the kitchen, count and log the giving and prepare the deposit for the bank.


Time commitment is roughly an hour one Sunday a month. You can specify if you can only do every other month, etc. With the people who help now its about once every 4-5 weeks. Sunday mornings arrive around 8:15 to make sure welcome cart is set up and signage is placed appropriately. Greet and welcome regular attenders and help make visitors/newer people feel welcome and making sure they know where all rooms are and how the morning schedule works.


Time Commitment is to serve 1 Sunday morning per month during the teaching time. Less frequently as we get more volunteers. Help us offer a safe and fun environment for children while parents are downstairs hearing the teaching. We could also use some people who would be willing to facilitate a teaching time using our curriculum. Prep a short lesson and activity. There is a video for the lesson also. If you are not comfortable doing this part that is okay, we still need people to serve in non-teaching roles.

Pre Amp (K-5 grade ministry of Resonate)

Time Commitment: Ideally this would be a commitment of 12 weeks or less per year. This depends on us getting enough volunteers. Pre Amp meets during the Sunday morning teaching time. The ultimate goal would be to have 4 teaching teams. The future goal is to eventually break this age group down into two classes. 4 years old through 1st grade and 2-5th grade. When this happens the goal would be to have 8 teaching teams rotating so that each team is only teaching 2 months per year. Using our curriculum prep for lesson/create powerpoint - 1 hour

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